Monday, 2 July 2012

Chapter 8

And so I hit Chapter 8. The book is coming along nicely and, since I last posted, has found a title. I decided to give you a little more from my hyper-violent, sexy road movie of a book! It is shaping up to be insane and hopefully quite chilling. Who knows it might actually be good!

So here it is, a teaser directly out of the book.

"She stood there, not more than a foot shorter than me. Her hair was a dark purple and her eyes a deep hazel. She had a silver ring through her bottom lip and a cheeky grin. She was cute. A soft voice that I can hear now, as I tell you this story. Words were kind to her. It reminded me of my mother and when she’s read me books. She read everything in a hushed whisper."

Violent huh?

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