Thursday, 20 September 2012

This Modern World

We live in a brave new world. Our cities have grown from the earth and soared higher than mountains. Our technical and scientific achievements have sped up our evolution by decades. However, we are still victims of a crumbling economy. Why? The primary cause of this is corruption, greed and moral degradation within the political systems of the world.

We all held our ideologies in such high regard. We were smug and proud of what we had achieved, but in this modern world behind this film of sheepish hypocrisy, lives’ a murky, deep and mudded sea of self-interest and lies.

We had ideas that would advance us economically and as a people. Now we wish to only better ourselves individually. Case and point, the increase in the university fees in the UK. The cap of £3,000 was placed in order to provide equality in some small way. So that those who went into higher learning were not discriminated by their economic background. Now we are forced to forgo a University education due to a lack of money.

This is a short-term solution for our current economic problem. Of course this will stimulate the economy and cause a growth in that particular sector. Or so they thought? Surely with higher fees less people will go. Statistics showed a 8.7% drop in applications in the year of 2012, as it was the first year to implement the new fee scheme. This drop means that even the governments reasoning is flawed.

In truth this is only going to stifle the growth of a series of key generations that will lead us into the brave future beyond this economic downturn. This will mean less highly educated people and thus less people to fill the jobs we have been proven to be the best at. As a country, our greatest export is educated workers in the tertiary sector. With less of these people we are going to be flooding one sector of the job market. More people will be vying for the jobs in trades cluttering this area and stiffing our growth technologically and, as a knock on effect, our growth as an economy.

The motivating factor behind this move for our current government was purely short term. They saw a way of making money back now and hadn’t outwardly considered the ramifications of their actions. Now, I’m not going to claim to have all the answers and this is merely my opinion. I feel that this is a bad move designed to ensure that Cameron’s back is covered, a idea that is evident in Cleggs recent apology for going back on a promise he made before the election.

I hope I’m wrong about everything in this article. I hope that in a decade, when my generation and the generation following me are running the country, we are able to do so to the best of our ability and without any hindrance in education. I hope that Cameron proves me wrong in the remainder of his term. As the sun sets on today we head into uncertain times. I hope we can rekindle our love of forward thinking as a country for the sun will soon rise on tomorrow and we need to be ready for a brave new world.

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