Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Party Politics 2.

Ladies and Gentlemen the world's not running like it used to. We used to have a booming v8  and a trillion horses under the hood and we'd be storming down the main straight, hitting a few snags along the way, but ultimately rising up. Now the brakes have been cut and we're rolling down hill fast. Why? There hasn't been any really change in politics since the inception of government. To take the car metaphor a little further, we haven't released a new model in decades and the current ones getting rusted and worn no matter how much it is botch fixed.

I'll use America, once the most powerful political and economic power in the world, as an example. There they have two main parties; Republicans and Democrats. Currently Obama, a Democrat, is in office and Mitt Romney, a Republican, is running to oppose him. This situation has been the norm for centuries with the exception of a few independent parties and of course the candidates running. Unfortunately despite their best efforts, the structure of the modern American political system and the way in which candidates campaign for presidency means that they cannot be focused wholly on the interests of the people. 

Lincoln stated at the Gettysburg Address in 1863 that they would create a "government of the people, by the people, for the people". 

This is sadly not the case in modern American politics. Candidates are endorsed by so many companies and have so many politicians and business men lobbying for them that their allegiances no longer lie with the people and with the constitution but with those they owe for getting them elected. I call for Party Politics 2.0 in which the government holds the interests of the people at heart as much as they do the interests of their lobbyists and their own Swiss bank accounts. 

Lets not even get started on Religious influence. The constitution calls for a separation between church and state. A fact, that if ignored, leads to the violation of a human right. Freedom of religion. We have the right to practise whatever religion we choose. By governing a country based upon one religions ideology you alienate the feelings and beliefs of all other religions. We need to run the country in a way that is fair and just. By making America a Christian country you ban abortion, you dis-allow gay marriage, you impose all sorts of laws that infringe upon human rights. Laws people may argue need to be passed, but laws that stop others having the same equal rights as another. 

Lets ignore the interests of religion and of lobbyists and of investors looking to piggy back off a presidential candidates win. We need a government that runs itself for the people and in order to make economic growth, environmental sustainability, defence, technology, education and health care, to name a few, work for the people and not for the wallets of those who threw money at them in order to slip the new president in to their back pockets for future leverage. I call for change. I call for a new way of governing America. Lets make the "free world" free again. 

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